Free Speech the second most powerful thing in the Universe

Let Me amend that, The #3 most powerful thing , Humans have access to.
Free Speech allows you To say what ever you want.
The #2 most powerful Thing as a Human You have access too?
Free Will… to do what ever you want.
#1 Thing Humans have access to that is The Most Powerful Thing In all Creation…?
When you use #3 Free Speech To abuse #2 Free Will
#1 God Will let you know…

I would have thought #2 was love. Out of all the spiritual gifts listed in the bible, only love will endure into eternity. It is required to have right relationship with God and with our fellow man.
I would put #3 at God’s word as it will survive the passing of heaven and earth.
If God, is number 1 than where does Holy Spirit fall? Surely above free speech as Holy Spirit draws us closer to God and empowers us to produce the fruit of the Spirit when our human frailties prevent us from doing so.