Franken regrets stepping down. Dems regret railroading him out

Maybe they thought sacrificing Franken would be the final straw for Trump…

Now, 50 “final straws” later, Franken (and the Dems) regret their choices here.

And Trump is stronger than ever.

Politics can be a strange arena.

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How are you measuring that?

Fantasy land.

But Franken should have rode it out…

Brazen disregard for civility without repercussion.

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It was an attempt to have some moral high ground and while I liked Franken, the many accusations of some butt holding during photographs might have been enough to justify him leaving, not sure. Who thought it was a final straw for Trump? His supporters don’t care what he does.

of course. ride out anything that they would kill any non democrat for

ride it ride it. slap that horse into the ground

Fake grab an ass, run out of town.
Brag about grabbing ■■■■■ … get elected president.

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It’s funny. For a party that has pretty much abandoned their moral ground (the Republicans, that is) they made an awful racket about Franken. Not gonna give him a pass but there has been worse. And now the Republicans willingly support an unabashed bigot who has been married 3 times, and cheated on all of them, paid off one mistress to keep her quiet, and routinely drops obscenities during his rallies (remember the head splitting fallout from Obama saying “ass”?). My how times have changed in just 2 short years.


would love to see idiot lefty and retard media reaction to trump or any republican booby-grabbin gesture.

frankens a useless ass and needs to vanish

According to the article, it was the Dems that made the racket.

And now they’re having buyer’s remorse for doing it.

actually, franken’s babified retortive angst embodies idiot leftists.

no wonder he’s in the “noooooz”

The media would be outraged and Trump’s supporters would shrug, just like every other day.

Yeah they tend to clean out their trash more often. You guys make excuses

Franken’s seat was won by Democrat Tina Smith in 2018, so in the big picture nothing has changed.


Franken was smart to resign. It was the right thing to do. Even pretending to grab someone in such a manner is inappropriate.

Of course on the right, those actions are rewarded with high praise and elections.

Go figure.


thanks for understanding about the media

It doesn’t matter what the idiot lefty and retard media’s reaction would be to Trump or any Republican bobby-grabbing gesture, all Trump worshippers will defend him to to the end.

“Grab her boobs!”

Nice ring to Trump’s next Red Hat Mob anger-fest.


Retard media? Come on you can do better then that.

Dems won’t have buyer’s remorse until a Republican wins that seat.