FOX ON TOP: Fox News ‘STEAMROLLS’ Competition in May Ratings

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Fox News posted staggering ratings and “steamrolled” the competition this May in all time-slots, prompting many media experts to wonder, “What happened to the rise of MSNBC?”

Forbes Magazine weighed-in on the ratings juggernaut this week, publishing an article titled “Fox News Steamrolls Cable News Competition With Big Win In May Ratings,” saying the news network “won everything.”

“What happened to the rise of MSNBC? After showing historic growth–and a few months in 2017 when Rachel Maddow took the title of most-watched host in all of cable news, beating Fox News Channel’s Sean Hannity–the just-released results of the May ratings period look very familiar: Fox News won—everything,” writes Forbes.

The new ratings data released by Nielsen Media Research showed Fox extending its consecutive run at number one to a monumental 197 months; beating “every other network in basic cable for 23 months straight.”

“Fox News had 10 of the top 15 shows in cable news, with Sean Hannity taking the title of highest-rated host in cable news,” adds the author.

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I thought the liberal media dominated on all fronts, and that’s why poor Donald never gets a fair and balanced analysis of his person and his admonstration.

So, the right wing media is doing well. My congratulations to the right wing media.

Good job right wing mainstream media!

hang on. i get in arguments with people here often where they talk about the MSM and exclude Fox. i keep preaching that Fox is part of the MSM.

can someone show them this thread so they’ll stop being stupid about that?

Hopefully…the results of Fox are indicative of the midterms. :sunglasses::us:

Good for FOX NEWS!

PT Barnum may not have said it, but it would appear plenty of them are coming of age and tuning in to FOX NEWS.

[Quote above was snipped.]

Never going to happen.

I need to find that survey that showed people that watch Fox News actually know less about world events than people who watch no news media at all.

wouldn’t surprise me. when a news channel pushes a political party’s agenda/the political party itself, they’re gonna have to sacrifice a lot of stuff.

Old people watch lots and lots of tv. Cable tv.

people are being informed. There will be fewer of the low-information crowd voting. It will be a good midterm for the people.

yes… yes… keep it up. Those people vote. And it is important that they know libs will punish them if the lib candidate wins.

Even if we only compare the big three (Fox, CNN, MSNBC), it makes sense that Fox would be the winner - CNN and MSNBC are competing for the same audience, while Fox has no competition.

Basically the worst thing that you can do as a media outlet is to be boring. CNN is boring. The stories that they are willing to cover in depth are extremely limited. They will not report anything that would offend the DNC. Month after month of Russia this, Russia that is enough to put people in a coma. Which is why their ratings come in lower than HGTV.

Remember that survey for which ews outlets are the
most dishonest that Trump jokingly asked for? Remember how Fox won the poll?

The excuse was “well there are so many liberal network that the votes we’re split and Fox won because it’s the only conservative network.”

:thinking: I wonder how FOXs position as the only conservative network would affect its ratings.

I don’t watch much cable news. However, once was a primary source of my news. When they decided their future was being the hate Trump source of choice, I basically said goodbye to them as anything other than an occasional source of what the enemy is doing.
And…that leaves Fox as a primary source.

Must seem weird to kids, many of whom are so tapped into their phones that they don’t watch much TV.

Grandma and Grandpa sitting all day in front of that big screen cursing under their breath on cue must seem so strange and dated to them.