Fox News strongly condemns remarks made by Jeanine Pirro

This is regarding her clearly Islamophobic comments made here:

It seems some can’t criticise anti-semitic comments made by Rep. Omar without engaging in their own bigotry.

Her reasoning that she just wanted to “ask a question and open debate” is complete nonsense, and sounds exactly the same as Rep. Omar’s excuses.

Good to see that FNC is also making clear that there will be no repercussions for the Muslim producer there who publicly took issue with her comments.

Just like when Beck asked Ellison tell me why you arent a terrorist… That channel’s commentators love their bigotry

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Something to consider - she didn’t make that comment in a vacuum. FOX executives signed off on it knowing it was red meat the viewers would snap up.

Executives don’t know everything. This very well could be all on Pirro and her production team.

^^^^^ says the guy who has spent over 20 years working in Television including a short stint working for Fox News ^^^**


Fair enough.

Janine poses a real question here…if the two ideologies become incompatible to Omar, which does she place first, her religion or her country? If it’s her religion, is she compatible to be in Congress?

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She really doesn’t.


Apply that to yarmulkes and you might see how dumb the argument she is making actually is.



I’m going to apply it to the here and now and there’s nothing more to do about it at this time…except wait and see.

It is called consistency. If someone is going to be marked as an “other” and have their patriotism questioned because of religious garb then apply that broadly to all religious garb.

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When a single factor in the equation changes and it appears so may the result, I tend to concentrate more on that one, single factor as I’m doing now. As far as anything else you want to tag with it, that’s your business and ALL you. I’m in watch and see mode.

There are already plenty of things to criticize Rep Omar about.

Wearing a hijab in accordance to her religious beliefs is not one of them.

Pirro is doing this because she is selling advertisements by stoking fears over the “other”. It is lazy and intellectually vapid of her to do this.

But… it is what we have come to expect.


Once it gets said on Fox, this is what they hope happens ^


It’s not about her stinking hijab…it’s about being Islam and are the doctrines/culture of her religion compatible with being in Congress? In her very short time being in Congress, her words have crossed a line on several occassions already. Janine poses a good question?

[quote=“Smyrna, post:6, topic:164657, full:true”]
Janine poses a real question here…

Seventy-five years ago, this was the argument why a Roman Catholic could not be a loyal American… it just keeps being attached to each additional religion in turn.


but no religious test shall ever be required as a qualification to any office or public trust under the United States.

Follow the Constitution.

I am and understand, this is new ground that our Constitution has not yet encountered.

Why not? The same question was asked about Trump. In fact, is it not the basis for Mueller’s investigation and the “counter-intelligence investigation” that led to it? Divided loyalties?


History doesn’t always repeat but it sure does rhyme a lot.

We as a nation have been down this road before.