Fox News' Shep Smith: There is no invasion. No one is coming to get you

At least someone over there isn’t tied to Trump’s anti-American rhetoric. I’m no fan of Fox, but you have to give credit. He’s doing what he should do. I keep wondering why he continues to have a job there.

His words are in the clip here. It’s not the first time he’s reported the truth about the fictional “invasion.” Hopefully it won’t be the last.

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Fox needs to fire that lib yesterday.

No one cares what smith says except liberals.

Anyone else notice that?

Smith is a subversive lib who infiltrated Fox with the intent of derailing MAGA.

Deport him.


Well, I’m not a liberal and I was impressed by what he said, so there is that…


Thank you sir. It’s good to see people speaking out against what’s going on.


Also…, the invasion force is dwindling… just like last time.

You guys are getting played.

that’s just too funny.

i’m giving Trump and Republican Media credit for their coordinated message of an “invasion”. it’s pretty genius right before an election.

Trump and Fox deserve some credit for the ease with which they lie, but it’s not especially hard to trick people who have a desperate yearning to believe the exact misinformation you are feeding to them.

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Our great grandparents “invasions”, send out the battleships? I for one am sure glad they did not sink them!


Bunch of greedy libs looking for handouts.

You have never been a soldier, have you?

Shep Smith is now an enemy of the people…

Troops having an effect already… good deal.

No one I know of is complaining about legal immigrants. Someone must have lied to you.

I heard the manure pile is getting too high, we need 5,000 to reinforce the shovel brigade!


That’s one way to spin it.

The caravan is not breaking any U.S. laws, or planning on doing anything illegal, inform yourself.