Four minutes and launch is still a go

I am a total space nerd!




The best of America on display.

We need more of this.

Congrats to SpaceX, NASA, and all of the men and women involved in this historic launch. :rocket: :+1:

Bob and Doug took off, eh?


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OK for you nerds out there. If you’re in line of Space station flight…and you’re in the earth shadows. You should be able to spot the space craft chasing the space station.

I’ve seen it many times whether it was Russian space craft of the shuttle years ago.

So enjoy it if it’s clear out.

This makes me happy as hell. And considering the last few days I needed this.

It’s about damn time we started riding back into space on our own damn space craft. Not Russian spacecraft. We are the best in the world at space travel. Always have been, always will be.

This is the kind of thing that all Americans can be proud of.

I was on the edge of my seat. I well remember watching the first shuttle launch … and the failed Challenger launch. I was disappointed though that they didn’t show the stage one landing. I love seeing those even more than the launch. It’s so unbelievably Sci-fi movie stuff, but for real!

I was reminded of watching the Mercury and Gemini launches on TV. I felt the same excitement now as I did back then.

They showed it on SpaceX’s live feed.

the hosers made it

Is this the first time a private business has put men in space?

Beauty, eh?

Splash down. Success!!!

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Cool beans, even if I do hate America and kick puppies.

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