Forum Devotee Badge

The other day I obtained the Devotee badge which tells me I have visited this site every day for a year. Not sure if thats good or bad. 68 other forumites have this badge.

But as @SixFoot knows I am a sucker for gamification.

I do like the fact i am currently only 1 of 3 to have the Licensed badge.

You may have earned the License badge, but you missed the Certified badge in the process. :wink:

Send a PM to @discobot to learn more, or just @ him anywhere on the open forums.

This place is an MMORPG. Change my mind. lol

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I missed that but took care of it. Thanks.

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So you are not the cranky old hardass you pretend to be? :sunglasses:

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welcome to the club of 68 hard core hannityites.


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I simply allow you people project. :wink: