Former media adviser of Roger Stone subpoenaed by Mueller

I’m surprised it took so long. My inclination is that Stone is a key to the whole investigation. Crack Stone and you may have some answers that a lot of people say would never come.

Did he subpoena Stone as well, or just his former media advisor?

You’re right. I misread it. Crap.

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Yeah, I’m still hoping Stone goes to jail so this is still a very good bit of news.

Getting closer and closer to the missing link.

Good. Let’s find the truth.

How would this collusion work? Let’s say someone did have advanced notice of the DNC e-mail release. So, what?

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Who gave them the information?

You think after two years, we’d know… and I don’t think they got advanced notice. Why would that help them, anyway…?

Why did Guccifer 2.0, then, thank Stone hours after Wikileaks released its information? What did Stone know and when did he know it?

And … why was Stone in touch with Wikileaks at all?