For these times

For this present era, is Donald Trump one of those catalyst individuals who have shaken the political status quo in order to prune out (even if perceptively so) the stagnant negativity of elected politicians unwilling to better the nation, but astutely intent to better them$elves?
Ronald Reagan and Theodore Roosevelt also interrupted the political scenery of their own placement in time.

No. He’s just King of Trolls.

Imagine looking at Donald Trump and seeing someone who prunes out negativity.

Donald has gotten rid of DC negativity, and challenged those who use politics to enrich themselves.

Yes. These are glorious times for America.

Trump has brought more lying, corruption and negativity to Washington DC.

A pretty remarkable achievement.

Do you and Donald Trump need a room alone?

He is the result of a broken system that was designed to have statesmen holding higher offices.