Foot-long posts

So yesterday I saw them referred to as footlongs.

Back-and-forth posts, where each next reply quotes the entire chain of discussion, only to tack on a single-line reply.

What’s up with those? Why not just quote the last line that you’re actually replying to, instead of the whole 12-deep discussion?

“Well don’t read them if you don’t like them…”

Actually, I don’t. But I still have to scroll, scroll, scroll past a dozen of them to get to some other reply that I might want to read.

Is there some value to doing posts like that? I don’t see it.


They’re sometimes useful, other times an annoyance. I’ll see if the software allows to limit them to three priors (I think it’s currently set to 5.)


in heat of schooling the left posters here sometimes easy to forget. that limit would be cool thx

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Done. Set to 3. Let me know how it works out.


Good feedback.

Well let’s test it out here.


And to be blunt, I’ve never even cut-and-pasted footlongs, so I’m not sure how to do it.

I always highlight the sentence(s) or paragraph(s) I am directly replying to.

But for this reply I hit REPLY to my post, and then selected the “blockquote” function. Is that how people do it? (We’ll see.)

Well, I guess that wasn’t it…

When people do the long chains of quotes, there is a little quote bubble on the top left, that quotes the whole conversation.

Thanks. I see it now.





so what changed here?

Gonna have to look later, but I don’t think the wall o’ text can be bypassed through the software. We tested here after adjusting some settings, but no joy. I’ve deleted our sorry attempts so you cannot point and laugh.


Time to get SixFoot? :S

Researching the topic, looks like they didn’t build a quote limit into the software. I’ll continue to look, but may be for not.

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Rather than worry about how to mandate a limit, let’s just consider not doing footlongs.

Seriously. Most of the time the way people use it is just lazy and useless. Just quote what you’re actually responding to. (Most times it’s just the last one-line reply someone made to your last one-line reply.)