Florida police arrest white supremacist for allegedly threatening shooting at


Must be a hoax… There is no such thing… Thoughts and prayers

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he didn’t shoot any Mexicans so he can’t be a racist.

He didn’t shoot anybody. Good day. Have a good chat with the nice doctor.

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But Antifa…


3 more days of probation left then I get my AR-15 back. Don’t go to Walmart next week,” police say Clayton wrote.


What police department in florida?

Dems and the media ought to work on some ideas for making the country more wealthy and prosperous… They spend 3 years on fooled by fake Russian news, and now have switched to racism and WS are taking over the US with no real proof either. Just hysteria like collusion delusion…

There is no white nationalist problem…

The Dems and Media are to busy trying to coverup Obama’s scandal’s to care about America or the people.

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Li’l Adolph is from Winter Park.

Oh, he’s a national socialist…

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Handsome devil (literal)

This guy should definitely be in jail, but I just perused 10 articles and they all say he appears to have white supremacy ideology but that’s it. Why do they think he’s a white supremacist? None of the articles say.