FLORIDA FAIL: Andrew Gillum Gains JUST ONE VOTE in Florida Recount, Refuses to Concede | Sean Hannity

Democratic candidate for Florida’s gubernatorial race Andrew Gillum gained approximately one vote in Florida’s ongoing recount against Republican Rick DeSantis this week; continuing to trail his GOP challenger by 33,683 votes.

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I guess Andrew “Socialist” Gillum thought that with the help of Democrat fraud at the polls, he was a shoe-in! OOOPS! He LOST! Too bad! Give it up! Concede! Andrew, since you gave yourself a big raise when you were TLH governor, you should have plenty to live on for a while, otherwise go out and find another job!

DeSantis could be ahead by 133,000 votes and Gillam would still think he is just a recount away from winning. It seems that his ego won’t let him believe that losing is even a possibility.