Florida completes its primary election canvassing on time in spite of extremely heavy vote by mail balloting

All 67 Florida counties successfully completed their primary election canvassing by the noon, Friday deadline, in spite of the extremely heavy vote by mail.

Automatic recounts are occurring in a few races due to the races falling with certain percentage points.

One manual recount is occurring in a judicial race, due to two candidates being within 0.25% and many ballots not recording a choice in that race. Not a problem, as many people deliberately ignore judicial races, just a precautionary measure.

The point and prognosis of the above???

Vote by mail worked perfectly in Florida, the third largest State.

All the previous hyperbole to the contrary was just that, hyperbole.


But they’ve been doing it for years, and Trump has said he approves of how Florida does it.

Doesn’t change a thing regarding universal mail-out balloting and states that do not rely on heavy mail-in voting.

What’s your point??

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It didn’t work perfectly. Neither my wife or I received our ballots.

It works perfectly for lib purposes. :roll_eyes:

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Please just stop with this hackneyed talking point that has been debunked to hell and back.

REPUBLICANS introduced no excuse absentee balloting in Florida in 2002. Republicans, including EXTREMELY conservative Republicans such as Senators Rubio and Scott and Governor DeSantis have absolutely THRIVED under no excuse absentee balloting.

So this, but libs… crap is an unmitigated joke by now.

It is working very â– â– â– â– â– â– â–  well for CONSERVATIVES thank you very much.


The former head of the Florida Republican party says that mail-in voting was most responsible for turning the state from blue to red and also has been responsible for getting a lot of down-ballot Republicans elected in the state. So the horse’s mouth says that it benefits Republicans more in the state.

There is one reason and one reason only the dems want wide spread mail in voting in this country.

I know what it is and so do the libs.

There is no such thing as “universal mail-in balloting” (as Trump supporters define the term) happening anywhere.

More people voting will show how small today’s conservative base is?

There’s only one party today that spends the bulk of its time making it harder for people to vote. And I’m not talking about mail in votes…I’m talking about limiting precincts, being against early voting…anything that makes it more difficult for people to vote…they seem to be in favor of.

You might want to investigate why that is.


aren’t the feminists angry with mail in voting?

That has been doing vote by mail for how long?

They’ve been doing it for 18 years and it worked!

I said “universal mail-out balloting” and you responded to me with the above. Why change the language I used in response to me??

So postal service did come through?

I never received anything to vote by mail.

I have to request an absentee ballot.

Big difference.

So what your saying is the voter STILL has to request a ballot – one isn’t automaticially mailed to them without asking?

My thought is this. Everyone on the rolls is maled a ballot, then the voting rolls are purged every 10 years. Then no motor votoer, no automatic voter sign up with this or that. You have to actually request to be added to the voter rolls in person or in writing under purgery. No if’s and’s or buts. THEN do mailings to everyone on the lists. Rinse and repeat in 10 years.

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Can’t speak for Florida specifically, but IIRC vote by mail goes back to the Civil War.

I know I voted by mail being a New York resident when I started voting in 1978. That was my first opportunity to mail in my vote, it was shortly after graduating from Boot Camp.

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Either way there’s no such thing.