FLAKE SPEAKS: The Senator Says US Can’t Have ‘Partisan’ Kavanaugh ‘On the Courts’

Originally published at: https://www.hannity.com/media-room/flake-speaks-the-senator-says-us-cant-have-partisan-kavanaugh-on-the-courts/

Sen. Jeff Flake spoke-out Tuesday regarding potential Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh; calling the judge’s congressional testimony “sharp and partisan” and saying that type of behavior “can’t” be had on the highest court in the country.

The GOP Senator was speaking with the Atlantic this week when he weighed-in on Kavanaugh’s stalled confirmation process, saying “We can’t have that on the Court.”

Sen. Flake’s comments come just days after he threw Kavanaugh’s confirmation proceedings into doubt after he and a handful of Democratic lawmakers asked the FBI to re-open its investigation into the potential Justice.

The Atlantic “caught up with Flake briefly as he left the event, and asked if this meant he would not vote to confirm Kavanaugh, even if the FBI cleared him by week’s end. He appeared rattled, and his handlers rushed him into the stairwell. ‘I didn’t say that …’ he stammered. ‘I wasn’t referring to him.’”

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