Flake and McCain confirmed for diplomatic posts

“In 2020, Flake and Cindy McCain were key Biden surrogates who sought to broaden the Democratic nominee’s appeal to voters, particularly among Republicans. Biden later won Arizona, which had not voted for a Democrat since 1996.”

Could happen to two better people.

And sticks it to trump big time.

Two for the price of one.


Solid picks.

Having Flake and McCain in the headline sticks it to Trump just how?

They are simply ambassadors.

Good for them…several years of fine dining and honing insider trade data base.


I don’t see the vote in that article…

Let the cheerleaders have their taste of boot polish. They don’t have much longer. :stuck_out_tongue:


Voice vote aka unanimous.


Lol. You really think a Republican is taking over in 2024.

Dream on.


Must be a payoff. I still wonder why McCain wanted Libya bombed into Chaos.

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Turkey. :rofl: plumb assignment.

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Get ready for “elevator diplomacy”.

dimocrats just love flake. He helped secure the vote to confirm kavanaugh after all.

I went to a town hall several years ago for Jeff Flake.
Y’all may want to know that I have never seen a more orange person in my life.
2nd, you would have never known he had an R beside his name.

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Confirmation bias.

Flake voted with trump 81% of time.


This was prior to Trump and Trump lacks a lot of Conservative qualities as well.

Nope that was during the trump admin, 81% pro trump.

Of course, he was a never trumper but voted on his policies. 81% of the time.


I meant the town hall I met Jeff flake at.

What do you mean? Like literally orange, or is that slang for something else?

Orange man bad.


Oh no I meant orange! It was so disconcerting. It was difficult to look him in the face.