Flaco the Owl is dead

Flaco the Owl is dead at 13 after an apparent building collision.

A necropsy is being conducted. It is possible rat poison might have played a role.

I pretty much figured it would end like this. Even if rat poison was not involved, the space between buildings in New York City can be quite narrow and a minor wind burst could send a bird careening into a building. Smaller owls and raptors, such as native owls and Peregrine Falcons are better equipped to operate in that environment. A very large species, such as the Eurasian Eagle Owl, not so much.

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The initial physical examination (not the necropsy, results of which are still pending) indicate that he was underweight and not thriving at the time of his death, which points to poisoning at some point. The necropsy will indicate whether it was rat poison, lead or something else.



Who is “Flacco the Owl”?


I am sad about this- I enjoyed reading about the Flaco sightings around the city.

Flaco was a famous owl in NYC. He escaped from captivity in the Central Park Zoo (with some human help) and then for the past year or so has been spotted all over the Upper West Side. People followed his story, took photos and posted them, etc.

At least it’s about an owl and not some snake ■■■■ DA or some 'rat ■■■■ governor. :wink:

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The challenges of navigating narrow spaces in New York City can indeed be tough for larger birds like Eurasian Eagle Owls.

So if the Owl had remained in the zoo it would still be around.

Always look for the “helpers.”


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Back to weeping for the Owl that spent its last months trying to find the easy meals it once enjoyed at the zoo. The rats and pigeons should have been easy pickings.