Fixing the immigration problem

I think we could take a lessen from our Israeli friends. Every young Israeli when they become of age, I think 18 yo, they are required to serve 2 years in the military. If these people who want to immigrate to the US, then as a step To citizenship require them to enter a branch of the military for 3 years. This could be a requirement to earn citizenship.

They can already do that voluntarily.

And no, universal conscription barring a grave threat to the nation is immoral.

Israelis live through a grave threat to their existence on a daily basis. Conscription is both warranted and necessary.

No its not.

There was a reason a large standing army was anathema to the United States for much of its history.

When you have a large standing army…you tend to use it often.

Lol yes it is.

Levee en masse requires a threat in which the integrity of the nation state is at risk.

Not no, but hell no. Conscription in the US has proven to be a disaster. The disciplinary problems it creates are enormous and ongoing.

We are far, far better off with an all volunteer force.

Maybe not REQUIRE, but we could let voluntary military service bypass a bunch of other requirements that we would (SHOULD) place on citizenship. Volunteer, and get an honorary discharge. Boom. Citizen.


Unless you convince the conscripts that the fate of their loved ones are at stake they are not going to perform anywhere near as well as volunteer professionals do.

Conscription worked in World War II. It failed in Korea and Vietnam.

Serving in the military already is and long has been a shortcut to citizenship.

A very small fraction of the troops in Korea and Vietnam were conscripts.

During WWII it wasn’t much of a problem because just about everyone who legally could join was trying to do so anyhow.