Five Ukrainian wars that most Americans have never heard of

Since the mid-19th century there have been several bloody wars have been fought between Russia and western nations in what is now Ukraine. The most obvious is World War II, but here are five others that not normally discussed in US history books.

While the wars are obscure in the US, I am sure that most people in Ukraine and Russian are familiar with these conflicts. They continue to provide context for what is happening in Ukraine.

Here are the five “secret” wars that involved Russia and western armies:

  1. Crimean War (1853-1856).
  1. Eastern front of World War I (1914-1917):
  1. The Southern Russia intervention (1918-1921)
  1. Polish-Soviet War (1918-1921)
  1. UPA-Soviet War in eastern Poland / western Ukraine (1944-1953)

The pope is in hot water now.

Pope Francis recently shocked many by positing parity between Vladimir Putin and Russia on one hand, and Ukraine and NATO on the other. The Holy Father insisted both are to blame for the raging war.

Repubics, dims, liberals, and conservatives are up in arms that the Pope say it takes two to Tango.

I am not taking sides, my heart goes out for the victims in the middle, innocent civilians.

The cancel culture is coming after the Pope.

And, Bill look at how America was “won” from the Native Americans or any other agressions from the other side. Maybe people do not want to live in peace. Arms merchants are happy after Afghanistan…

Now we got gangs in the USA stealing stuff bound for Ukraine. Everyone is a “winner”

you all want to help. Pick a good organization on the front lines, or go there and help the innocents that are evacuating the war torn areas of Ukaraine.

I am not endorsing Convoy of Hope, I want to let you know what the war is doing and all the innocents that are caught betwee ZSKYYY and NATO vs Pukin Putin.

Yes, I suspect that the pope has been listening to skeptical Latin Americans, who have seen a long history of coups and repression instigated and supported by the US.

Former president Lula of Brazil made similar comments about the cause of the war:

“I see the President of Ukraine, speaking on television, being applauded, getting a standing ovation by all the European parliamentarians,” he told Time. “This guy is as responsible as Putin for the war. Because in the war, there’s not just one person guilty,” he added.

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More like gangs in NYC making an equipment raid. Don’t be surprised when gang members in body armor becomes a norm.


Yeah, there’s no way in hell these were for Ukraine. :joy:

Two piece of ■■■■ countries whom we don’t depend on for resources are fighting with each other.

The only smart thing to do is to sell weapons to both of them. lol