FISA Court Bans FBI or DOJ Agents currently under Criminal or Disciplinary Review

On March 4, the FISA Court issued an order that DOJ or FBI agents who are currently under disciplinary or criminal investigation for their actions regarding FISA applications will not work with the FISA courts until these investigations are finished.
Obviously, as far as criminal actions are involved, this matter is not over.

The order summarizes the flaws in the Page FISA matter, which generally included:
Withholding evidence that would have shown that Page was above board and working with FBI
Withholding evidence that would have undercut and contradicted what was in the Steele dossier
Not presenting evidence that Steele was not reliable
Not presenting evidence of bias by Steele and the source of the dossier

The order then summarizes current FBI reform efforts including changes in procedure, more oversight, better training and finally the order banning agents involved in the dossier disaster.

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I wonder if this also applies to the judges who are involved?

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Judges always get the final say…blame the DOJ only.

This even needed to be said?

Yeah really. Like when a cop shoots someone. They put them on desk duty or whatever until they figure out all what happened.

Apparently, that’s how broken the system is.

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That this is even news is bothersome. It should have been a given.

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