First women to run CIA. Congrats to Gina Haspel and Trump

Looks like Trump picked another winner. I hope she does well leading the CIA. Amazing how the media went after her. Brennan was an old communists, so that’s why Obama picked him,lol!

“Gina Haspel, 61, was confirmed by the Senate on May 17, which means she can officially take command of the spy agency from Mike Pompeo”

I like that she flat out refused to torture anyone even under direct order.

Congratulations to her. I disagreed with those who felt she did not deserve the position.

A girl? What the heck!

And if she does a good job , she might be the first female president.

Go get them Gina.

It wasn’t surprising that red state dems like Manchin and Heitkamp.voted for her. But nice Mark Warner did.

Also nice a highly qualified woman will be in charge.

her position on CIA torture program was the only major question the senate wanted to know.

That might be good, but my hope is Nikki Haley. She’s great.

I can see three women that has a chance to be the first female president of the United States, and none of them are HiLIARy Clinton or Elizabeth ( Im a part time native) Warren.

The three, Nikki Haley, Gina Haspel and Im coughing as Im posting this …Amy Klobuchar. one of the few honest Democrats out there.

Rice should run for potus

Doubtful Amy would even win the nomination though for the reason you cited. She’s not nearly left wing enough.


and she is honest too, that could be a problem for the democrats.

As a Minnesotan I’m a big nope on Amy.

Thankfully you Republicans know what’s up and only nominated the truthiest or truthers for President.

A chick running the CIA. Just great! La Femme Gina.

Except water boarding is not torture…lol. And would dems waterboard Trump?

I couldn’t help noticing in her speech she said CIA is a foriegn intelligent agency…one that will make those involved proud.

Now why did she stress that it was foriegn intelligent agency?

Because of Jame Crapper… The commie kid…lol!

“another” winner. Damn the dissonance is getting weird.

Waterboarding is torture. You were wrong yesterday, today, and will be wrong tomorrow on that.