First Lady Arrives In McAllen TX

How dare she show up for purely political reasons…or, alternateively, if she hadn 't gone…how dare she ignore these children who are only there because of Trump.

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Gee, the same things I heard when Obama was president.
Like, Obama could save a young kid from being hit by a bus and some people would accuse him of jaywalking.

Honestly I don’t think most people care what Melania Trump does.

Wait until the divorce. There will be some interest in that.

that jacket will birth some memes though

Oh definitely. But like, I don’t think many people were wondering if she was going to visit the border. The bar is set so low for her, that most people see it as inconsequential.

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Best to let the media know about that, since she is referenced all over it.

Ok. Revenge opinions.

My comment was in response to your “if she wouldn’t have gone” statement. And I stand by my opinion that most people wouldn’t have cared if she went or not. I don’t think most people expect much from her. When she does something, she’s still a first lady, and yes the press will cover that.

Lol that’s brilliant.

Some of them died, some escaped, some were freed and some are being held still. Why is Ms. Obama not still trying to get them freed?

Agreed. Clueless.

I read a article awhile back that said they suspect that many of the remaining girls are now trained terrorists.
They have been seen doing bomb attacks and murders. Some girls are still escaping, but the military and government says there is little they can do anymore. And it seems that the UN also gave up. Is she still involved? Don’t know.

i dont think thye could be anymore tone deaf if they tried

Tone deaf? I think they are literally trolling us.


I’m still waiting for the press conference Trump promised us on Malania’s immigration issues

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A Trump University grad told me that it will happen right after we all get that low cost health coverage.

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Ummm…did she seriously wear jacket that said in large letters. “I don’t really care. Do U?”

This seriously isn’t the Onion? I mean what in the ever loving hell?

Hmmm one interesting theory is that the message was meant for Donald- who probably told her not to go. That would be the nice way of seeing this. Of course we’ll never know for sure…

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