FIREWORKS: Sen. Warren ROASTED at Town Hall for Saying Justice System COMPLETELY ‘RACIST’ | Sean Hannity

Firebrand Senator Elizabeth Warren was publicly called-out during a Town Hall event this week, with one person asking if she was severely damaging the US justice system after she referred to it as “racist from front to back.”

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Nice side stepping there Fauxcahontas. That is not what you said the first time. You did exactly as they young man said. You cannot play it both ways.

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You are absolutely right .
They always do that , dance around the question

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Wow! A United States Senator that actually holds Town Halls and doesn’t run away from the people asking questions.

Even if I don’t necessarily agree with all of her positions, at least she has them and is willing to take questions on them from her constituents as she makes herself available to them.

She never stated the justice system is “COMPLETELY ‘RACIST’”.

Frankly she phrased her statement poorly, about the justice system in America and racism, but if one reads her fuller comments from that Dillard University Black Caucus event one would know better what she meant, since she did add qualifying comments.

Not only that, Senator Warren was anything but “ROASTED” by that young man’s question at her TOWN HALL. Not only that she was roundly applauded for being civil and thanking that young man for his question as well as greatly explaining her comments and her points and her stance. She certainly didn’t do any “side stepping”.

But of course, as always, I go beyond the OMG headline here. I dig a little, I don’t sit back and accept being told how I should feel about any item posted here. For example I looked deeper at what took place in New Orleans on the 3rd of August or on the 9th of August regarding Senator Elizabeth Warren and her comments.

Bad on me!


What fireworks?

There were no FIREWORKS at Warren’s Town Hall, and she certainly was not ROASTED.


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Were you even listening to what she said? Guess you like the Kool-Aid or something. He directly confront her for the words she spoke, not for her opinion on Justice Dept. reform issues. If she meant reform, she should have said that in the first place, but no, she blanket labeled the entire Justice Dept. That’s means every single person in it…that’s what “racist from front to back.” means. Did you even pay attention to what she originally said?

Just saying something as fact in a forum doesn’t make it fact, sorry to burst your bubble. Say what you want, but you can’t change the fact that Warren is a race baiter of the extremely worst sort.

But go again and keep your head in the sand…we’re all better off that way probably.

Well the real question is not did I listen, because I most certainly did. The real question is did you actually read anything I posted or linked.

Your first question tells me you certainly did not read what I posted.

The young man asked her a simple and civil question, she addressed it quite well and with equal civility and expanded upon what she had originally stated as well as what he asked her in her Town Hall.

Warren never said every person in our justice system is racist.

You can have a hallway that runs through your house from front to back but that hall is not your entire house.

You can have a vein of silver run from front to back in a mountain, that does not make the mountain silver.

If one listens to her comments in their entirety they will understand better what she has said. If one uses the truncated for effect, the sliced and diced version, as was presented in the OP along with it’s blatant interpretation, well then I can’t help you from not being needlessly offended.

Also guess you totally missed where I pointed out where she poorly stated her original comment, but that she followed it up, in both venues, with qualifications and clarifications, which of course you seem to have missed those as well.

I guess only Republicans, like Donald Trump, get a pass, or a Mulligan, a do over, as it were, on their indelicately worded statements?

Good to have lucy warren here, daughter of liz warren.

Flatter me all you wish, we will still never share a shower.


I believe everything the only blond haired blue eyed NATIVE AMERICAN says.

This woman is a phony. I don’t think there’s anything real about her. She lied her way through college and she’s lying her way through her political career which, if it were up to me, would be ended as soon as possible.

They’ve been conditioned to respond to certain names like Warrren. Its Pavlovian. Don’t waste keystrokes.

Good for you!

So true. So true.

We all can’t be perfect now can we?

For the record, I’m neither democratic or republican all I’m hoping for is the total destruction of this country. No borders, no laws and the only justice will be by each individual.