FIREWORKS: Kellyanne Conway SHREDS ‘Smart A**’ Jim Acosta To His Face | Sean Hannity

Presidential advisor Kellyanne Conway slammed CNN senior White House correspondent Jim Acosta on live television Tuesday; blasting the “smarta**” reporter just hours before the President’s primetime address.

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dumb mouth Jim A#$%& Acosta can’t hold his vial mouth, can’t wait to see him get kick out of the room and gets violation ticket.

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Kellyanne you were too kind, this animal needs to be smacked down every time he uses his trap!

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In the moment, KellyAnne’s “SmartAss” to Acosta served a purpose, BUT if I can offer a more accurate word (shout out) applying to Acosta’s Premeditated Behavioral Intentions.

Hey, Acosta stop being a “douche”, No Wait… I really meant to say stop being a “Prick”. Yea, that’s the best word his behavior… What his person is… who knows.

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Castrated on live T.V. OUCH!

Great composure from KellyAnne. I’m English and Acosta drives me mad, even from 3000 miles away. Such a little worm!

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I don’t watch Fake News CNN and will never be a CNN supporters. That’s how you kill their ratings. Low ratings for Fake News CNN low money for Jim Fake News Acosta!

I would not call that “firey”. LOL

as long as there are liberals around cnn will have an audience unfortunately

Curious how Kellyanne’s husband reacted to this exchange. First, if she disagrees with the question which was meant to be rhetorical, don’t battle impoliteness with impoliteness. Rise above it. “Shredding” is an ineffectual way to respond. More appropriate would have been, “Jim, listen to the President and draw your own conclusions”.