Finally something crazy: Biden accuser Reade leaves for Russia

I had to look it up elsewhere to see if it’s fake because it sounds fairly out there. What is there to comment about…do I believe her less than I already did because of this? It certainly doesn’t change my “she changed her story to match Trump’s access Hollywood clip” stance.

Thoughts? Biden was going to kill her before the next election? Antifa?

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Appeared with her “friend” Maria Butina. I wonder if she was her handler for the defection, lol


Yes. And Trump’s accuser called her former black husband an ape, and named her dog “Vagina”. The jury never got to hear statements that could undermine her credibility with the jury.
So now we are supposed to pay attention?


You what abouted to the name of an accusers dog?

And I resisted posting again in the thread and resigned to letting it fade because Tara didn’t come out as Trevor Reade and endorsed a soda so there’s not much there.


Defecting to Russia and praising assistance from a convicted Russian spy is totes the same! :joy:
Oh you guys and your equivalencies.

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Or before that. :joy:

Well she didn’t have a rich conservative to foot her bills for security and court costs like E. Jean’s sugar daddy did for her, so I don’t fault her for leaving & fearing for her safety since the Biden crime family appears to be above the law.

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Nah she had rich Russians to help her defect

Don’t fault her for her defecting :joy:

My gosh.

Added to the pile of crazy.

This is going to be my new favorite thread.

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The one thing conservatives are just terrible at is raising money for lost causes! Never heard of a single successful campaign….

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these are things the left and media dont care about as long as they are attacking a political foe

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no one said it was the same besides you

creating your own narratives so you can support them in your new favorite thread. so bold

Yeah whataboutism is totally not a method of comparison sure sure.

You want to try again?

I want to find the guy who taught you guys how to misuse words like communism narratives etc and have a long conversation with that person.

Meanwhile she defects to Russia but what about the ape comment?!?! :joy:

If Ms Carroll defected to Russia this thread would be exploding. Words like traitor and coward abound.


First thoughts?
She sounds like a nut job. Nut jobs get assaulted too so, that means nothing about her underlying accusation.

Second thoughts?
Joe Biden strikes me as the type who would cop a feel and make repeated unwanted passes, but not the type who would take his pants off in front of a woman who does not want him so, her underlying accusation is doubtful.

try what again? i made my point and it stands. you’re just pretending otherwise

sorry we’re aware of your antics i know that makes it harder for you

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Pretending that whataboutism is a form of comparison. Well no it really is a form of comparison

You are using the terms wrong. Your awareness notwithstanding.

You jumped with both fit just to disagree. It’s precious.