Finally. Joe Biden is right about something!

Biden was right. Jim Crow IS returning to the south. School segregation is back. A parent in Atlanta requested a particular teacher for her child. She was denied because that teacher will be teaching white kids while her child will be segregated into one of the black classes. She is suing.

My question is: Which is worse, traditional Jim Crow or the Jim Crow that you wokies prefer? And why?

Parent files lawsuit after learning elementary school is segregating kids into black and white classrooms –

Government mandated segregation is wrong and illegal.

This principal is wrong.

This should be a short thread.

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The principal is wrong… why should I care about the “Wokies” when you have a very specific example.

Based on what I see in the story, the parent should win.

Look at this segregating, racist piece of white supremacy. lol


I totally agree. If a kid has a teacher that he likes, he should not be prohibited, because of his race from having that teacher. The left’s obsession with race is out of control. This was bound to happen sooner or later. The writing was on the wall.

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oh good lord

I did not like my original reply and deleted it. Please note my other reply. Thanks.

Learn to take the W when you get it. All of this appeal to “wokies” or the “left” diminish the success of finding a real example of a lib being stupid and/or racist.

We both agree on this but instead of just letting that agreement ride off into the sunset… you escalate beyond this specific example into “but the Libs”.

No lib will disagree with you here.


How many denials. Tsk, tsk.


I never in my wildest dreams believed that segregation would ever return. This law suit should be decided quickly and the segregationists should all be fired immediatly.


Me neither. That’s why i eye-roll chuckle when i hear these leftists refer to themselves as “progressives”

maybe now we could say MLK is spinning in his grave, but we’d immediately hear how all we know about MLK is from one speech, none of which matters, and he was actually for segregation

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Agreed on all counts.

I’m not looking for a “W.” Nothing in this story is worthy of a “W.” I’m looking to expose the madness. I’m hoping that some of the left leaning news sites actually do their jobs and start covering news such as this. I’m also bewildered by not seeing any coverage of this by FOX. Why are people learning about this from me?

Libs may not disagree with with me. But their choice to remain silent on the topic is very disappointing.

Should the segregationists be fired?


Should the segregationists be fired?

Yep, no problem with that. Totally misguided person, needs to stay away from schools.

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Other parents at the school say none of this ever happened.

So I guess we’ll see.

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It’s not the person.


Then their dispute is with The Alanta Black Star. We shall see where it goes from here.

Posey, who is vice president of operations for the parent teacher association, according to the school website. If this is a hoax, then this lady needs to face consequences.

‘It Was Just Disbelief’: Parent Files Complaint Against Atlanta Elementary School After Learning the Principal Segregated Students Based on Race (

The plaintiff is a black person?

No, their “dispute” is with Ms. Posey. This isn’t about sources.