Final Presidential Debate 10/22/2020

Scheduled for this Thursday. 8:00 PM CDT from Nashville, TN.

Format is basically the same as the first debate. Questions chosen by the moderator again.

Moderator: Kristen Welker, NBC News (Harvard)

The Trump campaign has indicated he will back off and let Biden talk. I doubt he will be able to control himself.

I expect Biden will be his usual begging, whining self.

I do not expect impartial moderation.

I do expect a lot of CRT.

Any predictions?

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Newt Gingrich makes a cameo appearance.

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No matter what happens the right will claim it was a 2 on 1 debate.


And on paper it is. We’ll have to see what happens during execution.

At any rate, Trump’s campaign agreed to her. I guess.

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Like a camera bomb?

If I’m not mistaken, the Senate panel will be voting on Justice Barrett earlier the same day?

  1. Welker will ask Trump to denounce white supremacy.
  2. Welker will call Biden “Mr President”.

There is a 99.696% chance it will be better than the first one.


Barrett is in. I think she is qualified. I think the process was flawed, but that’s just my opinion. End of that story.

I think that Biden has less to lose. He just needs to sound coherent without getting riled up. Trump has more of the burden. How he handles it is of course the big question.

I don’t know, same two old white guys…

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I hope Biden claims confirming Justice Barrett is unConstitutional again. Yeah, that would be great.

I doubt he’ll say “shoot them in the leg” again, but that would be great too.

Any chance they can change the format to a boxing match? They might actually get more done that way… :grinning:


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Three punches each and no gas.

Two old men yelling at each other about who loves the cops more and who are clearly scared about what is happening around them.

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I don’t really get why Trump keeps going on about the military and how “we built it up”.

We both get why.

No I really don’t. If I was him I would focus on the ending of endless wars.

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My prediction.

Donald will keep interrupting again and lose more suburban housewife voters because of it.

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Republicans love that stuff. It’s classed under “supporting the troops”.