Filtered words Vs. moderator required words

I understand that certain words are inappropriate for Hannity Forums. We have a automatic word filter for certain words like ■■■■ or ■■■■ or even ■■■■■■. We also have very strict rules about using a filter bypass. This is something I would NEVER do, and I often try to warn others to edit/delete their post when I come across such a thing. It’s actually pretty rare I see this done, as most people here understand the rules.

I don’t understand why certain words won’t get filtered, but will instead require a moderator to approve the message. Hopefully I didn’t create too many posts this morning while I tried to figure out exactly what I said that needed to be fixed. Unlike the filter, I can’t choose to utilize a different word, because the forum doesn’t actually tell me which word was too naughty.

In the thread in question, I was simply trying to respond to a poster utilizing the same language they used. I couldn’t even quote them without getting my post flagged.

Why are certain words filtered, and other posts are flagged? Are the words on the flag list worse than the words on the filter list?

I’m sorry for creating extra work for you for the mods who had to deal with me testing a word this morning. I wasn’t even sure there existed a words/phrases list that get flagged for moderator approval, much less which word(s) that are on the list.

It makes sense for flagging spam posts, but in my opinion, it shouldn’t be used in place of the filtered word list. If I’m not supposed to call the women Donald Trump cheats on his wife with sluts, then that word should be filtered. Otherwise, I’m left with the impression my post got flagged because I was talking about Donald Trump cheating on his wife. Nothing I said triggered the filter, and I didn’t use any filter bypasses. It really does seem like i’m getting shadow banned.

If there is anyone who has the ability to fix this, it would be greatly appreciated.

I wonder if a word that is on the filtered list would still trigger the moderator approval list.

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And amazingly enough. That word is no longer being flagged for moderator approval. Does it have something to do with how often it’s being used? Did someone edit the list? Everything is so confusing! How am I not supposed to test these things when they don’t make sense?

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