Fight The Power Of Corruption!

Sometimes, Actions speaker louder than words, and other times Words speak louder than actions.

At least from a Politicians point of view.

You see, the Politicians of America know this, and so they use it against their own people, for gain of money and power.

Fight the Power! Americans Lives Matter! Make Americans Great Again!

Fight Back Against the Elite 1 percent Rich Democrat and Republican Politicians who are corrupt!

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Isnt speaking an action?

I’m just curious, but what do you consider yourself politically, and ideologically?

It’s hell of a lot more than 1%!. It’s more like around 1% who are not corrupt.

wait what? who is not around 1 percent corrupt? and who is a **** of a lot more than 1%?

The way I read your post was that you view only 1% of politicians as corrupt. Did I get that wrong?

…against 1pct republicans and 100 pct democrats

And how are you going to do that? You say actions are louder than words and vice versa but don’t actually say what you’re going to do or make any suggestions.

Ever read the hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy?

Typing is a Verb, and an action. I’m typing words on the internet on this site.
Sometimes the small things in life matter the most. They definitely add up, and sometimes, the big things are better than the small things.

How can actions be more powerful than words if your actions are nothing more than words?

Fight, fight, fight!!! …by posting on a low traffic forum!

That will show them.


without the action of typing, there would be no words. Hence, there would be no words, without actions.

feckless attempt.

It is. But we need to be careful with Bernie style justice. Where the government decides who can say what, who can do what and who gets to keep what. Government officials are not morally superior hedge fund managers. The less power we give them, the better.

You mean like saying Saturday Night Live should be investigated or that a newspaper is tratoirous?

Those kind of bernie style actions?

Huh? :thinking:

Conservatives trying to fight Tyranny.

Corruption= Democrat Politicians getting away with forcing the American people to pay for everything, for anyone that wishes to come into the country Illegally.

Maybe the Democrat Politicians slogan for 2020 should simply be; Come To America No Matter Where you’re From! Everything is Free!

Paid for by the taxpayers of America! lol.