‘Fewer People’: Scientists Say Earth Needs ‘Population Control’ to Combat Climate Change

Originally published at: ‘Fewer People’: Scientists Say Earth Needs ‘Population Control’ to Combat Climate Change | Sean Hannity

A recent study published in scientific journal BioScience says the planet needs fewer people to effectively combat climate change; arguing “population control” is necessary to limit the amount of Carbon Dioxide in the atmosphere.

“A larger group of scientists is sounding another, much more urgent alarm. More than 11,000 experts from around the world are calling for a critical addition to the main strategy of dumping fossil fuels for renewable energy: there needs to be far fewer humans on the planet,” reports Bloomberg.

“We declare, with more than 11,000 scientist signatories from around the world, clearly and unequivocally that planet Earth is facing a climate emergency,” the scientists write.

“The scientists make specific calls for policymakers to quickly implement systemic change to energy, food, and economic policies. But they go one step further, into the politically fraught territory of population control,” adds Bloomberg.

Presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders made similar comments on the campaign trailer earlier this year; suggesting population control and “reproductive rights” were essential tools in the fight against global warming.

“In poor countries around the world where women do not necessarily want to have large numbers of babies, and where they can have the opportunity through birth control to control the number of kids they have, is something I very, very strongly support,” said Sanders.

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Source: Bloomberg