Feinstein Kavanaugh

Feinstein claims that the most popular rifle platform in the US is not “common use”.

According to her: “Common use” does not mean numbers, it means activity.

She also claims “100s of school shootings with with assault weapons in recent history.”

Feinstein is a bought and paid for democrat who should be a right winger. She has more in common with a Republican than with what the democratic party is suppose to be. Hell even Koch brothers paid into for her last election. If only she would make love to a AR-15 then she could officially join the GOP.

I’m very unhappy that Feinstein is not retiring.

Just like every ego centered politician. The genuinely think that by winning election they are indispensable and needed.

They are out of touch with reality and their own human qualities. Applies to every elderly politician, judge, and college professor.

You don’t see elderly roofers, pilots, welders, or field engineers.

The only way to get her out is with the Grim Reaper or by electing a replacement.

LOl, what a moron she is. Hey, just because millions of people have them doesn’t mean they are common lol.

That’s redundant.

Feinstein wouldn’t know how to tell the truth if she was reading it from a script.