Feds to look into North Carolina election hacking

If one were to read the Mueller report, one would have seen laid out the efforts of the Russian government in infiltrating voting systems in the US.

So the Federal Government is looking into whether an election day break down of polling software in the heavily Democratic Durham County was a victim to this effort.

On Election Day in 2016, some Durham County voters complained that the electronic poll books registered them as having voted when they hadn’t. The company blamed the trouble on poorly trained poll workers and inadequate computer maintenance. A report by a security consultant hired by Durham County’s elections board supported that claim.

This is anecdotal but I remember on election day a very conservative friend of mine in VA putting on Facebook that when he went to the polls in 2016 he was already registered as having voted.

This sort of effort seems to have two outcomes that are good for foreign tyrants, it undermines the faith in our elections and it suppresses votes.

I don’t care what political philosophy that one might adhere to, but it seems to me that securing the electronic parts of our elections would be a slam dunk bipartisan issue.

Poorly trained workers and bad computer maintenance? Sounds like a funding issue.

Also, go back to all paper, possibly even manual counts.

Beware the chad

Sorry, I should have included this bit that was in the article.

State election officials seized for evidence 21 laptops used to check in Durham County voters for the 2016 balloting shortly after the leak of a National Security Agency report revealed in mid-2017 that VR Systems had been targeted by a Russian spear-phishing campaign, said Josh Lawson, who was general counsel of the North Carolina board of elections at the time.

If it is nothing then it is nothing… but you have evidence of hacked software and a targeted problem of that software in a key district on election day.

Well worth looking into IMO.