Federal Judge Upholds Florida Law That Prohibits Sanctuary Jurisdictions

This is the correct decision. The Florida Legislature passed a statute prohibiting any county or municipality from becoming a sanctuary city and requiring all State and local law enforcement to cooperate fully with ICE.

Regardless of your stance on immigration, a State clearly has the constitutional prerogative to override the wishes of its local governments.

I don’t agree fully with EITHER side on all matters related to illegal immigration, but I do support this statute and glad that it was upheld, by United States District Judge Beth Bloom, who was appointed by Barack Obama.

The Governor or Attorney General may remove from office any elected official who violates the statute, so any recalcitrant officials can promptly be disposed of.

The only provision which Judge Bloom struck down was one requiring State law enforcement to transport individuals across State lines, which Bloom indicated was a purely federal task.

While I don’t agree with the right on all their views on immigration enforcement, I do happen to despise sanctuary jurisdictions, they should not exist and they no longer will exist in Florida.


I’d like to see statutes modeled on this law passed and enforced in every state and at the federal level as well.


Good for Florida!

Some of the local jurisdictions in South Florida regularly run afoul of the state’s preemption law as it pertains to firearns, and routinely get slapped down by Tallahassee.

Texas has a similar law. The argument being made seems to be that immigration laws can’t be enforced because they will lead to racial profiling.
Of course the decision can be made at the state level. Counties and cities are creatures of the state, unlike states which predated the US and retained their powers not granted to the Federal government.

A judge…who applied the law on the books…and not their interpretation of it? Wow…that’s refreshing.

Great news and a win for the State of Florida! :+1:

When you mention “the right”, are you referring to those who support and defend our written constitution, and the documented intentions and beliefs under which it was adopted, which gives context to its text?

Who exactly is “the right”?


Karl Marx popularized the word “capitalism” __ a word not used by our founders __ to attack the free market, free enterprise system our founders created. Why do so many talking heads refer to our system as “capitalism” rather than a free market system which our founders created? Do they fear and recoil from the word “free’ as in people being free to mutually agree in their contracts and associations?

In this context, I was using the term “right” to refer to the rather over zealous Trump cabal and supporters.

I agree with border security and immigration control, but I DON’T agree with the general approach and some of the methods they have been advocating.

I would do it differently and in a manner that would ensure compliance with due process.

I DO agree with the statute passed by Florida.

Well, in that context, I suppose you feel the same way about the over zealous AOC socialist cabal and supporters.


They are not whistleblowers. They are shadow government political operatives who are working to take down a president who refuses to cave into domestic communists, socialists, and international GLOBALISTS who have been plundering America’s wealth for the past two generations.

For the record, I don’t support AOC or the Democratic approach to immigration at all.

Not a binary situation here, I support a third approach that would result in secure borders AND protect due process.

I guess we are more in agreement than disagreement when it comes to some of the nitwits, many of whom are given a platform by our Fifth Column media to spout their communist and socialist clap trap nonsense.


It’s not a “Deep State”. It’s a subversive socialist/communist “Shadow Government” which began to entrench itself during Ronald Reagan’s presidency. Its mission being, to advance GLOBALIST and socialist policies, and obstruct attempts to roll back such policies.