Federal Judge rules ACA unconstitutional


At the same time he received the check from Mexico to pay for the Wall.


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Single payer is a siren’s call to rationed care, long waits for surgery and even denial of care, especially for the elderly. Just ask the Canadians and the British. Even with our problems we have the best and most modern care in the world because much of it is still market based. Don’t be a fool! Remember the VA care problems for veterans which was essentially single payer.


The elderly already receive medicare, is their care rationed?



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Someone else is still working who isn’t getting.

Consider this…

"The City Council on Thursday put its political clout behind a proposal in Albany to overhaul state health care by creating a “Medicare for all” program that would raise taxes by $139 billion a year.

“The single-payer plan would extend coverage to the roughly 1 million uninsured New Yorkers — including undocumented immigrants — and eliminate all co-pays and deductibles.”

… from …

Golly, that’s only $139K per uninsured person and all it took was forcing lots of insured people into a system that WILL end up being rationed.


It’s almost like we would have to raise the medicare tax…


Can you raise a tax from everyone to pay everyone’s benefits when everyone gets to decide when they’re sick enough to need “free benefits”?


Keep in mind: the ever larger and growing bureaucracy administering the program, living off of the churn and consuming resources before anyone gets services of any sort and which will impose a negative cost in any top down system.


You actually can… remember the study that the Mercatus Center published?

That study going around on Bernie Sanders’ ‘Medicare for All’ plan comes with a big catch — the US would actually be saving money overall on healthcare


So we should cancel medicare and refund the seniors their contributions (minus what they have already received) and let them compete on the open market?


Universal healthcare in the Netherlands cost 5800 per capita. Over 10,000 per capita in the US with over 12% uninsured. Your argument is flawed.


Except Medicare and Medicaid have lower administrative costs than private insurers.


The VA has the highest satisfaction rate out of all the US systems (VA, Medicare, Medicaid, Private and Uninsured).


I couldn’t agree more, but you and I are in the minority. Too many people these days need mama government wipe and polish their asses.


Then you get cancer and your insurance drops you and you’re ■■■■■■■ Good luck.


Or your kid is born with a congenital heart defect and they are ■■■■■■■


So, let’s steal money from other people to take care of that, then.


If you get cancer, why should I help pay for you to live? That would cost me money, and I would just as well prefer you don’t do that to me. What happens to you isn’t my responsibility.


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And, since there is no delegated power given the federal at all for Medicare it should go. Along with all other progressivism at the federal level.

Here’s a far better idea: undo what has led to breaking the existing system, which is the abuse of insurance as a form of assurance, resulting in people buying too much insurance to cover a vast diversity of things, many of which they may not even be aware they are signing onto covering. Which has in turn divorced the costs of services from the thinking of those who receive them, and so they instead think their needs constitute a right to the service.

Moreover, the States need to be forced out of socializing risk pools to make people carry more insurance than they would otherwise choose to based on their own perceived conditions.

Obamaharm was a perfect example of being stuck on stupid. From its efforts to force everyone to do something (which is none of the federal government’s business in the first place) leading to more abuse of insurance to things like covering preexisting conditions also leading to new and novel forms of abuse of insurance it was a collection of craptacular ideas that programmers wouldn’t even put in a Simpson’s PC game.