Federal Judge Rejects DOJ Attempt to Stand in for Trump in NYC Defamation Case

As expected, the Federal District Court told Trump to get bent.

He must defend his own case.

Obvious correct decision.


Now all he has to do is provide a DNA sample and completely exonerate himself and prove his case. Should be simple!

Good. This had nothing to do with being President and there is no reason for taxpayers to pay for it.


Makes you wonder how bad Barr has corrupted the DoJ to even begin making this case to the judge. It would make the Attorney General the de Facto personal attorney to the President for any utterance he makes whether its related to his role or not.

Will be interesting to see how far Carroll takes discovery. Will he have to provide a DNA sample? She saved the dress and apparently there are…stains. Similar to Lewinsky, if you get my drift. (No pun intended)

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It’s easy for him to demonstrate his innocence. Republicans should be all on board collecting a sample from the President so we can all put this sordid, sordid, mess behind us and concentrate on what is important: the several dozen other credible accusations of sexual assault and harassment.


They’re going to kick you out of the club for that…lol

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Just looked her up, this is what she looked like when the event apparently happened…


Very pretty girl.

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I’ll make it up elsewhere.

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Well, I guess there is things we can agree on after all.

Why? Nothing to do with his presidency does it?

Now having said that if Trump wins…their needs to be some form of punishment for individual that brought up the lawsuit.

Don’t you agree?

I have to call BS on her accusations.

She isn’t Trump type IMO.

And then there is this.

Carroll said in a lawsuit originally filed in Manhattan state court that she remained silent during the 2016 presidential campaign in part because her mother, a respected Republican official in Indiana, was dying at the time and she didn’t want to add to her pain.

This is bigger than who pays for the defense. The gambit was not to get taxpayer funded defense. The real goal was to place the action under the protections of an official act. This would indemnify him from personal liability and kill the lawsuit.

If he can’t shake this some other way discovery will be continued and the DNA from the soiled dress will or will not be matched against the president’s.

Why is that???. Are you saying she’s lying? Or that someone should be punished for bringing a lawsuit against a POTUS, or maybe just this POTUS?

Trump will only sexually assault a certain type of woman?

Isn’t the Trump type.

So, there is a type worthy of a rapin’ from Trump. Just not her.

Is losing a civil suit grounds for punishment?

If so, Donald Trump should have some punishment coming.

Don’t you agree?


Was that there reaction when you snapped that photo?

Not pretty enough to push up on? Because we know Trump does just push up on women and start trying to have his way with them. Heard that from his own mouth.

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