Federal judge has ‘serious concerns’ about the way Utah trains drug-sniffing police dogs

This is in the “are you serious” category.

Poor Tank the dog. Horribly trained and predictably a federal judge tossed a search based on his alert (or lack of discernible alert in this case).

Drug dogs have been used for just over 50 years. Surely Utah has had time to figure out how to properly train them. :smile:

They give the guy his gun back? :crazy_face:

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It would appear that the K-9 officer is the one who needs training. The dog was correct. It’s the officer who was full of feces.

Can they return a gun to a felon even if they found it in an illegal search?

If he wants to be arrested for a felon in possession of a gun.

I doubt a felon gets an option to choose but I don’t know that’s why I ask the question.

Maybe the judge is a druggie himself. Afraid he will get caught? :grin:

The defense expert testified that dogs are sensitive to people’s body positioning and facial expressions, which can inadvertently impart bias on the animal — leading them to “indicate” they had found something when they haven’t.

Does this mean all dog searches are suspect?

I believe the whole Can I get your driver’s license proof of insurance. Oh by the way I smell marijuana so we are waiting for a dog is ■■■■■■■■■ They then don’t let you watch the dog and claim he hit on something just so they can search your car.


Absolutely real, if you refuse a search and the cop wants it bad enough.

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It was a joke.

Marijuana is not a drug, it’s a weed.


Oh. Haha.