Federal judge halts Trump administration ban on TikTok downloads

Opinion has not yet been filed online in this case.

United States District Judge Carl Nichols of the District of Columbia is presiding over this case.

(Carl Nichols is a Trump appointee, btw.)

My opinion on this is the same as my opinion on the previous WeChat decision. Place the preliminary injunction and take this to a bench trial on the First Amendment issues.

Illegal Spying from foreign governments has nothing to do with the first ammendment.

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Would the judge be privy to the intelligence showing the spy activity?

I would expect so, but don’t know if a ruling like this grants full access to classified data.

I always know the global footprint of the internet would be trouble for national legislation.

This is the second time I’ve seen the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS) sell an American company to a Communist country.

Democrats love for Communist China have resulted in over 2000 investigations on China.

Every American should be concerned about the Democrats relationship with China!

Sounds like an Obama, you know the Obama Judges who release criminal illegal aliens back in to our communities.

Whoops. Appointed by Donald Trump

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And his love for Communist China excites you or disappoints you.?

Why is Donald Trump appointing communist China loving judges?

Deep State tricked him again.

You tell me, is he one of those sick Obama sleepers, you know those freak Obama Judges who release criminal illegal aliens back in to our communities who kill?

And clearly Trump loves those sick freaks so much he appoints communist China living judges. Sick.

Deepstate, Obama mouthbreathers same thing.

For an awesomely eleventy-dimensional genius, the Deep State sure seems to trick him a lot.

Obama must be blackmailing him like Sullivan. :rofl::rofl:

Sick freak Trump appoints sick freak communist loving judges. Laugh all you want while these sick freaks do their sick communist things. They’ll all be in jail.

I just wondered if the judge missed any data that was classified that he could not be shown.

This APP is hardly unique and special. Users can do the same exact thing on other more trusted platforms.


Yep, Q’s coming for them.:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

coming for all of them, Trump and his Communist China loving sick freak judges!

This is fun, you must love what Obama did for Communist China with all these investigations.

I haven’t ever supported any sick Communist China loving President. Sick Trump appoints Communist loving China Obama judges.