Federal Court Overturns Death Penalty for Boston Marathon Bomber


Second link is to the Opinion of the Court.

Having completed our review, the net result is this: We reverse Dzhokhar’s convictions on Counts 13, 15, and 18, with directions to acquit. And we vacate his death sentences on Counts 4, 5, 9, 10, and 14, with directions to hold a new penalty-phase trial consistent with this opinion and with Local Rule 40.1(k)(1) of the District of Massachusetts. But make no mistake: Dzhokhar will spend his remaining days locked up in prison, with the only matter remaining being whether he will die by execution.

First of all, as the court itself makes clear, Tsarnaev will spend the remainder of his days locked up, the decision here notwithstanding. This decision came on his direct appeal and more than enough counts were upheld to keep him in prison for the remainder of his life. The counts subject to orders of acquittal will make no difference.

The case now goes back to the District Court, who must now hold a new death penalty sentencing trial.

That will take some time and until then Tsarnaev will remain locked up at ADX Florence.

It will take some to digest this and come to an opinion on this reversal. It is a huge decision, over 200 pages. Because this is a direct appeal, the focus is as much on the facts of the case as on the law.

Yup. Federal court of appeals overturned his death sentence.

However, it ordered a retrial over the sentence for the crimes, which can carry the death penalty.

I thought this violates the 7th amendment unless I remember it wrong? Anyway, I think this decision was a shame. Few people deserve the death penalty, but rapists and murderers are among those who do.

so he could still get the death penalty… just not that death penalty.

Yes, he still could.

Although I have a feeling that if the venue is not changed out of Boston, a subsequent death penalty will be struck down.

The government may not press for a new death penalty hearing.

At the very least he will be spending the rest of his life in ADX Florence.

The argument can be made that the death penalty would be mercy for Tsarnaev in this case.

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Boy it sure would be nice if his victims could appeal their death sentence. Some terrorists have all the luck.


ADX is worse then death dude is 27 he is going to spend the next 70 year in solitary confinement.

That isn’t how I’m reading either of the articles that have showed up about this subject.

His verdict, including the ultimate federal penalty, have been vacated. The original verdict vacated, a new, hopefully fair trial, is in the making.

And this is according to the NR article the death penalty is still a possibility in the new proceedings. Either sentence, execution or LWP, Tsernaev dies incarcerated.

How is Boston related?

He’s being tried as a federal prisoner with the possibility of capital punishment being federal as MA doesn’t offer the ultimate penalty on a state level.

Not our circus or our elephant, but the feds’.

Just an FYI…

You may be thinking of the double jeopardy clause of the 5th Amendment that precludes being tried twice for the same crime.

He isn’t being retried again for the same crime, that court already determined he’s guilty. What they are ordering is reexamining the punishment for the crime he was found guilty of.

Hope that helps.

The issue is that the pretrial publicity and inflamed emotions in the Boston area precluded Tsarnaev from getting a jury that would impartially examine the aggravating and mitigating factors and thus impartially rule whether he should live or die.

Not a frivolous issue in this case, clearly emotions were extremely high in Boston.

It’s the right decision.

I am pro death penalty, but I’d rather him sit this one out. At his age, that has to be a miserable existence.

What luck is that?

Tsernaev remains eligible for the ultimate penalty. The sentence of his original verdict was struck down, pending review, but there is no guarantee it won’t be imposed post review.

Execution or LWP, he will die incarcerated. The man in the above link was killed in prison.

Knew a guy who worked the E R one of our maximum security prisons sends its most sick and injured. It’s best I not go into detail about inmates brought in on guerneys post sexual assault, and many were violated repeatedly.

Whatever’s left of his life will make death more desirable.

Here’s hoping, he meets his end soon.

was there evidence the jury was not impartial? or is this just a feeling that they were over emotional? If there’s evidence, fine. If this is all based on the premise that the court feels emotions were too high… I got a problem with courts assuming the jury was prejudiced without evidence.

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Good luck with that.

Last I heard, Nidal Hassan was still waiting to meet his maker.

Here’s arguments against the jury in the original trial:

I am reading through the opinion right now, to this point the ruling seems to be sound, but I haven’t covered all the main points yet.

I’ll wait for your take.

There is always hope a patriot Bostonian might be in the vicinity of this guy. Accidents happen, so does murder, look at Epstein or Dahmer.