FBI says nothing illegal with Flynn's Russia call


Well it was supposted to be one of the “this will lead to impeachment” incidents.

His being charged with lying to the fbi was supposed to be the downfall of Trump.

Well it looks like the call was all innocent and nothing burger and the FBI has finally admitted it.

Next outrage!

Breaking news from January, 2017.

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Way to pull a Russian hooker on this parade! :rofl:

Flynn’s targeting and being forced into the plea deal looks dirtier every day. I hope it is thrown out.

Yes. He and his undisclosed client, the Turkish Government, are the real victims in all this mess.

Which has nothing to do with what he was targeted or prosecuted for.

Seems to me there is too much smoke for there not to be a fire.Flynn is a loose cannon. Its not the media ganging up on Trump. He was a NYC fancy lad , who used peeps like Flynn to do his dirty work in the condo business. Problem now is as President, skeletons in the closet can’t be hushed up. I am glad we finally voted for the “outsider” the “business man” the guy who " tells it like it is".
Now America has a reference point. A precident on why we should not do it again. JMHO

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I thought you guys said the FBI was supposed to be heading the conspiracy to get Trump!

Then you haven’t been paying attention.

A very small group within the FBI most certainly was, not the entire FBI.

The smoke is from the fire being doused.

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We knew this already

The statement as to the findings of the review was made by the FBI on Monday evening.

We knew this already…

Then why did he lie about it?

That’s my question here as well.

He should be able to sue. He lost his job and his house.

Really? What was he targeted for? What is it that you know?

Sure, he lied to investigators and copped a plea for it. And is a cooperating witness, now.

But what was he NOT charged with in exchange for his cooperation?

Sue who for what? Donald for firing him for lying to Pence?

Mueller for catching him lying to investigators?

Mueller for turning him into a cooperating witness?

Mueller for not prosecuting him for whatever it is that Mueller is not prosecuting him for?

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Watching trump huggers making out Flynn to being the victim in all of this is freaking hilarious. Lol!