FBI confirms it has Hunter Biden's laptop

Well of course the person who received the laptop was involved with the laptop. That is different than showing he was involved in some conspiracy to spread fake emails.

He really doesn’t have to worry much on that. This is about the Bidens, not the Clintons. :smirk:

I think Rudy and Co. got some hacked Hunter data from Firkash, and had to figure out a way to hide its origins. We know SOME of that data was added after MacIsaac made copies.

I am not sure if MacIssac was just a dupe. Maybe Rudy just hit the jackpot when he discovered the legally blind Trump loving Mac Repairman,


The events of 2020 are best understood as seditious conspiracy on a massive scale, but the perpetrators are above the law and are unlikely to see any punishment. Instead, they brag about “saving the election”.