Favorite Memories?

What are some of your favorite childhood memories growing up?

I remember as a kid, sometimes I’d save up my money, and go to the candy store a couple time a week. Sometimes it was different places. But there was a specific place, that I look back at now, and wish I had gone to a lot more, because it was a hidden gem so to speak.

It was a pharmacy store, but was a local one. Like a mom and pop one, not one of those big chain ones like Walgreens. There were bar stools, and a 1950’s type set up to the side, and I never thought that it was used. One time, I asked, and the guy said that he could whip me up a chocolate milk shake, and it is used, but not that often. I don’t know if it was partly because of the décor, but looking back now, I think that was one of the best milkshakes I’ve ever had in my life! Looking back now, I wish that there were more places like that still around, but now a days it’s more about quantity, instead of quality, I guess.

It was sure cool though! and it makes me smile sometimes, just thinking about it. :smile:

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I have a couple pictures when I was a baby, and they’re of me eating.

One was me eating an apple, and I had a big ole grin on my face.

Another one was of me with spaghetti sauce all over my face. That one was freaking awesome! and cute. lol.

I think both of my eyes really had this look of happiness, and were really wide open, and looked ecstatic! lol.

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hm…when we would go to Baskin Robbin’s or Braum’s and get ice cream.

Another one was battling pokemon with a babysitter in Pokemon Pearl. (my first Pokemon game that I owned when I turned 10).

Playing my older brother’s Pokemon Leaf Green game, and finding a shiny Tentacool (jellyfish pokemon). Unfortunately I didn’t know what it was at the time, so I ran away from it- it’s a fairly common pokemon.

Playing Pokemon Mystery Dungeon- the soundtrack was so relaxing.

Playing with my brother’s best friend’s dog. Playing with my childhood best friend’s cat.

Sitting on my dad’s lap or at his side, him cuddling me. Hugs from my dad.

Going to Hunter Park with my nanny, or going to her house.

Listening to oldies with my dad in the car. He introduced me to several artists including the Moody Blues and Simon and Garfunkel.

Playing Nintendogs with my childhood best friend, and having our dogs play together via Bark Mode.

Trying to breed my puppies in Nintendogs.It didn’t work though- because they are puppies.

Watching Cartoon Network or Nickelodeon with my twin brother on Saturday mornings.

Going to Rhema Bible School’s Christmas lights display during the holidays. It was like walking through a wonderland (no reference intended).

And feeding the ducks there. I went there with my ex before we broke up, and we fed the ducks. They are so used to humans when they see you they waddle up to you expecting a treat.

The one time my grandma (who died this May) went with us to Mount Nebo in Arkansas and took us swimming.

The times when my dad would take me, my best friend, my twin brother, and his best friend to Burger King. We would all hold hands so we wouldn’t get lost.

When my dad, my brother, my brother’s best friend, his mom, and myself would go to Burger King. I was all over my dad, while my brother and his friend played in the play place.

The times where my dad would carry me on his shoulders- it was a bit scary though! With him being 6’1.

Lots and lots of good memories. :slight_smile:

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I was a messy eater too- my dad would have to strip me down to my diaper. And even then, my dad would find Spaghettios in my diaper. I have a picture form when I was three, and another one from when I was about 7- that was taken on Christmas.

Playing peanut and little league baseball

I remember growing up watching several different Disney movies. Just innocent, fun loving, good old fashion entertainment, without Political Ideology heavily involved to brainwash children.

Now it sucks, knowing that Disney has become a lot more political in the past 30 years.

Everything was so much more easier as a kid. No bills, no stress. Home work was the biggest thing I had to worry about. lol. Flipping my eye lids inside out.

I think that’s why as adults, sometimes we enjoy remember our childhood, and doing things that remind us of it. Back then things were a lot more pure and innocent, and happy! and we want a part of that back, or at least to be reminded of it. simple.

Good topic!


Ice skating at Phoenix’ Metro Center Mall Ice Rink

Playing on playgrounds, including getting dizzy on Merry Go Rounds

Riding from Scottsdale to Phoenix in the cab of a friend’s mother’s pickup truck with her and her little brother—with my mom having a cow when she found out we rode back there

Field trips, at least one of them getting a ride in a teacher’s camper

Piano lessons—my teacher in Phoenix was so nice! That’s one of my regrets—not practicing more, or continuing with music in Florida.

Music by John Denver & Barry Manilow, as well as some fun instrumentals.


Board games like Checkers, Chinese Checkers, Parchesi, and Monopoly

God I wish my daughter had stuck with board games, as we played when she was little, & not gone computer like her peers.:slightly_frowning_face:

So many good memories on the merry go round!!!

I still love playing board and card games. I find that some of the most simple games even such as go fish, are still fun.

I like war, uno, and others as well.

I miss going on hay rides. Or strawberry picking!!! There would be a big ole tractor pulling along a huge place for like 30 people to sit on. Tractors can be fun! I’ve ridden in and on a couple in my life time. One of my relatives has a broken down one in his garage. I wish I had the money to get it fixed up.

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TV shows like Emergency!

That was a favorite of mine!

Actor Randolph “Randy” Mantooth is still doing much to promote paramedic programs & speaking highly of paramedics as first responders.

There wasn’t any controversy associated with the show, either, & many of the performers remained friends years after the show’s run.

www.imdb.com for more information about that or any other shows

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When I was like 14, I was hanging out with the neighbor kid. When we got done hanging out, I started walking home, and noticed that they were feeding like 8 different cats on their porch. I asked…Are all of those, your cats? They said no, we just feed them, and that they are strays. It was winter out, and probably around 28 degrees or so, and just some flurries. I asked them if them minded if I took one of the cats home with me?
They said go for it! So I took one of the cats with me. We fed the cat, and I begged my parents to let me keep him. They said no, and that he has to go outside for the night. It was dark out, and we had a porch, it was near my bedtime. I was very determined, and I’ve always and will always love animals. So I told my parents that if he has to sleep outside tonight, then so am I! I took my sleeping bag, and the cat, and started to lay down on the porch with the cat in my sleeping bag. It took about 5 minutes, and my parents came out, and said, that he could stay in my room, but only for the night, and only if I kept food, water, and the litter in there with me. That cat became one of my best friends when I was younger, and so the story goes, that my parents said that he could only spend one night, but he never ended up leaving. lol. :wink:

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I remember as a teen, I went on a couple of different mission trips with my youth group.
We volunteered helping younger children.

I definitely enjoy helping others in general in life. It makes me happy to help others.

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Watching the Lion King in the car on long trips.

Playing hide and seek with the twins across the street, as well as four-square.

In New England playing outside as a young kid with the first hint of snow flurries in the air. I couldn’t have been more than 6 or 7, yet I remember it like it was yesterday. My favorite time of the year was early fall, leading into the holiday season, beginning with Halloween. Early fall is still one of my favorite times of the year. Lots of pleasant memories.


Same here. And the couture- the food. Pumpkin spice cream cheese muffins, cinnamon crepes, ginger bread hot chocolate…I’m so basic xD

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Most of my memories are from my grandparents farm. They lived on a lane 1 mile from the road. Night time was brilliant there with sounds of frogs and crickets and the visual beauty of fireflies. I always loved being out in the field riding a tractor. We had one particular john Deere, 4020, that made this dull pitch whine. It was only noticeable after working all day and we let the tractor sit and idle before shutting it down. From a diesel engine running to still quietness at night. I loved those times very much. Wish I could go back to that moment in time.

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