Favorite Films of 2022

My favorite films of 2022:
Top Gun Maverick
Terrifier 2
Everything Everywhere All at Once
The Black Phone
Jackass Forever
Halloween Ends
Doctor Strange: Into the Multiverse of Madness
Orphan: First Kill
Violent Night
The Batman
Confess, Fletch
Black Panther 2: Wakanda Forever
The Bob’s Burger Movie
Downton Abbey: A New Era
Sonic the Hedgehog 2
Black Adam
Bodies, Bodies, Bodies
Thor: Love & Thunder
Avatar: The Way of the Water


You’re supposed to pick your favorites not list all the movies you’ve seen for the year.

I have a horrible memory for yearly film things but am going with

And sneaking in Barry season 3

Biggest disappointment: Conjuring 3 or Matrix Resurrection. HBO putting out that high quality “day of” streaming content, though the deal is about over.

that’s 2021

Jeez. I need to up my movie watching game.

That’s how disappointing it was though. lol


The only one I have seen is Jackass forever so that one is my favorite.

The only movie I’ve seen in a theater since 2019 is the new Avatar movie. Worth the price of admission just for the CGI alone.

I only saw Jurassic Park Dominion in the theaters. It was well done.

I can wait till Avatar is viewable at home.

My favorite movie of 2022 is actually a Korean Horror The Witch 2. Can’t wait for the 3rd installment.

I also liked Samaritan, Tiny perfect things and Morbius.

These stood out mostly because they exceeded expectations. There were other good movies but hey either just met expectations or were mildly disappointing. Wakanda, Northman, and Avatar fall in this group for me. They were good, but Avatar was better than the sequel, Vikings is better than Northman, and Wakanda was just not anything we all haven’t seen before.

Everything Everywhere All at Once was the one for me this year. Just a plain ol’ fun movie to watch.

haven’t seen it yet. if you haven’t seen them, and don’t mind subtitles. the witch and the witch 2 were great

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It’s a cheaper version of the multiverse bandwagon that a lot of film studios hopped on, but it’s the good kind of cheaper version. You may also recognize my favorite Goonie in that movie, all growed up. :wink:

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I think my favorite storyline on superhero type stuff has turned into the Boyz. There was one that started and had good potential, but they canceled it called Naomi

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I’m looking at the Witch 1 and 2. Not sure if I’m looking at the right ones. Do they take place in different countries?

they’re korean

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the witch 2: the other one

So I am looking at the wrong one for the original.

This one takes place in New England.

saw that too. not bad

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the witch 1" the subversion

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Top Gun Maverick

Everything else was ok but that Top Gun was really fun.