Father of Sandy Hook shooting victim found dead

I guess there’s only so much you can hear the President’s friend claim your kid isn’t really dead…

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Oh that’s so sad. Wasn’t he just on Rachel Maddow’s show last week, with the lawyer that’s taking on the gun industry?

I read this and began crying, uncontrollably. I totally understand the loss and yet…no I don’t.

How sad and profoundly tragic. But it leaves one wondering … why now?

Care to expand on that?

It’s been more than six years … why now?

Who knows grief is an unpredictable emotion. Its just sad that he felt this was the only option.

Unless you are implying this is not what it seems. Please dont even try and bring politics into this.

That it is a national story is political.

You know full what I mean. I just hope no one is trying to say that the father was killed and it made to look like suicide to deflect from certain other political stories.

I accept that the suicide is going to garner some media interest but it is really no ones business and I hope the family can be left alone to grieve in peace.

It wasn’t suicide that made this a national story, people kill themselves all the time without it becoming national news.

Of course it was the suicide. He was the father of a child that was murdered in a mass shooting. This combined is what makes it a story.

Not sure what you are trying to say here but why not just come out with it instead of playing word games,

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Seemed pretty clear to me, it’s a national story because it is being used as an argument for gun control by the media and democrats.

We can agree to disagree here. I see nothing that supports that. Why is it conservatives so conspiracies and attacks everywhere.

I cannot imagine living my life where I interpret everything as a threat but then again thats probably the reason why I dont feel the need to walk around with a firearm fearful of every shadow or every person that passes me by.

It seems clear to me that it’s being used as a gun control argument because it is a national story.
Not the reverse.

This is the third person in 3 weeks to do this because of a mass shooting. 2 of them where teens i believe and this a father.

I feel for him…this never had to of happened

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How about you refrain from projecting and we can both walk away from this exchange clean.

How about people stop being so flipping sensitive.

You’re the one who implied that I was coming from a political place. Why did you make that assumption?

Now drop it, unless you want to derail the thread with more politics.

Oh for ■■■■■ sake. LOL did you really just command me to “drop it”. LOL yes dad.

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You’re the one who said that you wanted to keep this discussion apolitical. So if you meant that … yes … drop the politics and move on.