'Fat Leonard,' mastermind of Navy corruption scandal, flees house arrest


We managed to lose a cancer ridden 350 pound fat ass.

Mastermind of the one of the biggest scandals in the history of the United States.

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Whats the bounty or reward? He shouldnt be that hard to identify?

I dont know, but he may already be out of the country, given that he was in San Diego.

That could be but宇he US dollar is the gold standard around the world. Lets put out the reward and hunt this turd down安here ever his corrupt, fat ass is hiding地mirite? :sunglasses: :tumbler_glass: :+1:

I mean色Neighbors in the area told U.S. marshals investigating the disappearance that several U-Haul trucks had been in and out of the house all week

Oh I dont know.

I personally think he could easily blend in south of the border, or someplace like Hawaii.

This escapee is 69, somewhere around 290. Some on social media thought his height would make him easy to spot, but apparently in parts of Kentucky & Tennessee men well over 60 are a dime a dozen.

And 69 Rico Harris of the Harlem Globetrotters hasnt been found dead or alive.

Heres more:

How a Malaysian Playboy Controlled the Most Powerful Naval Force on the Planet | by Matthew Gault | War Is Boring | Medium.

He may not be so easy to find,

particularly if he located h a country without extradition treaties to the U S.

He is a turd, but the garden variety.

The real turds are the many Navy officers who sold out their oaths and, in many cases, national security for Kobe beef, whores and the other stuff Fat Leonard was giving away as bribes and kickbacks. As well as Federal Government civilians.

A good list of them can be found here.

Fat Leonard should serve substantial time.

But the rest of them should have been crucified for their actions and received harsher punishment then what most of them actually received.

Fat Leonard is a foreign citizen.

The rest of them violated their oaths and sold out their own country.

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And it brings up the point I have pushed before.

Federal District Courts should be able to adjudge Officer Dismissals, Dishonorable Discharges and Bad Conduct Discharges for conduct relating to military service as well as to reduce or eliminate a military pension for conduct relating to military service.

More prosecutor ineptitude.

So many lawyers.

So little talent.

FWIW匈 am laughing at the Fat Leonard handle.

It sounds like those responsible for him were not doing their job? I wonder who in the DoJ is responsible? Garland? Hes the top guy but does the buck stop there or does someone else take the fall like with Wray this week and the FBIs purposeful failure regarding Biden? Makes you wonder if this guy getting away wasnt intended too圬oesnt it?

Things that make you say多mmmmmmmmmmm. :thinking:

I dont think whether Fat Leonard is or isnt found hell last for very long:

Stage IV renal cancer, knew a pediatrician who passed away from that one.

He must have quite a few connections to be 350, over 60, in the health he is and able to escape house arrest.

Always the conspiracy with you.

The reason why they put an ankle monitor on the guy is so that they dont have to watch him 24/7.

When the numbers dont add up to the answer given, I look for the most probable one字ealizing Im just a pee-on and not privy to the truth尖et. What I find amusing is that over and over the truth gets revealed later on, then those like yourself develop amnesia. :sunglasses: :tumbler_glass:

:roll_eyes: What is the revealed truth here?

DONT give me half-baked speculation.

Us pee-ons have to wait for it to be revealed but I told you what the biggest probability is.

A very wealthy foreign national, still in control of his foreign resources, a terminal medical condition and with life long links to illegal operations, with only an ankle monitor. Get a foreign chartered aircraft making what appear to be weekly flights to and from the US. No one is paying attention because it is routine. Pack up the house and put it in shipping containers. Stage it at the airport, load the household goods on the plane, then cut the ankle bracelet, go straight to the airport and get on the plane just before scheduled departure. Money will open access to the plane. The feds dont react fast enough and probably have no idea where to even look. This guy is back home on a private estate somewhere with no extradition.

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Half baked speculation it is!

Many, many, many have said that all of my life and then when what was way out地rrives地nd Im fully prepared and take economic advantage of it, people like you say多ow did you know? :sunglasses: :tumbler_glass: :+1: