Fact Check Websites

I am looking to find really good fact checking websites.

I know Snopes.com is not good.

I have seen these sites but don’t know whether they are decent, good or bad:

Please give me your input.



Good luck. We are living in a world where everything has been politicized. Unfortunately the fact checkers are more interested in giving a politically filtered fact check.

These sites are probably good starting places for someone that wants to dig and find the truth but don’t confuse their conclusions with facts. Do your own research.

Why is snopes bad? Do you have any examples that they are untruthful?


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I was going to ask that. Snopes prides itself on being unbiased, they don’t always get it right but overall I have found them to be reliable and trustworthy. But Snopes should be just one resource people use.

I suspect the OP is looking for a fact check website that will just confirm his own opinions and political beliefs.

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You can use Snopes with confidence.

I’d question the veracity of any source that tells you otherwise, they have an agenda to sell you.

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Thanks for the input. I am in the midst of compiling in order to put up a decent page on my website.


Still working on it, there it is for your review.


Advertising one’s website I think is a no-no.

Having said that, why do you think Snopes is no good?

Slim, you have to spend a lot of time in the bathroom to become an expert of *******s. :wink:

Do you have any examples of snopes being untruthful?

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Wrong post

rdbarboza’s site is a Trojan horse for a jesus freak site.

I liked your comment Mr Slim. I USE SNOPES.

Snopes us one of the most reliable fact checkers. Some people claim it’s biased but when asked can’t prove any bias in snopes’s conclusions

Snopes is pretty awesome. I’d also add Mediamatters as they cite complete sources but they do address only right wing bias. At least they are up front about that fact and don’t pretend to be impartial.

“Jesus freak”?

Interesting article on Snopes.

Meh. You’re trying to drive traffic to your hard-core, right-wing website under the guise of “asking” for fact-check websites.

“Fact Check” should be labeled “editorial websites”. The main bias they will show is deciding which “facts” to fact check. You look at all the misstatements of person A, and ignore all the misstatements of person B. Or you factcheck all the ridiculous statements made by people on the internet, but ignore other more reasoned complains on a similar subject. Or you can list all the arguments on one side and ignore the other sides best arguments There is just so much you can do.
That said, they are still a good place to go to START research on a subject. Just don’t stick “factcheck.wahtever” on a post and claim that settles anything.