Facist Christian take control of Boliva

Hyper religious Fascist Christian groups have taken control in Bolivia and are marching toward a possible future genocide of Native tribes who they openly call for being “Wiped out” of the nation, the new President calling Native tribes “Satanic cults, Poisoning the country”

All part of God’s plan.

You should have read the articles.

Are they in formation? :thinking:

Someone is upset a left wing socialist dictator was ousted I see.

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That OP “analysis” is ate up.

They have bibles Sneaky, the horror.


Maybe the canadian translation tells more of the story.


Good riddance to Morales.

Morales was trying to become Bolivia’s Hugo Chavez. Fortunately he failed.

There clearly was electoral fraud by Morales and he was defying Presidential term limits that Bolivia’s voters had refused to repeal in a previous election.

There will be new and hopefully fair elections in 90 days, minus Morales who hopefully is in permanent exile in Mexico.


Who is this quote from? I don’t see anything about wiping out native groups or genocide in the articles in the OP.

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Dude…you should retract this post…especially the title.

It’s not reflective of reality at all.

Camacho may have been the loudest voice…but right wing groups in Bolivia have little to no political power right now.

And of your other accusations you provided no evidence.


Anything seems better than Morales.

Odd, the BBC and TIME attack before even laying how the history.

The BBC and Time attacked nothing.

The OPer got a little fanciful with what these stories were reporting.

Do yourself a favor and beg the mod’s to delete this thread.

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Not seeing any anti indigenous cries in either of the posted articles. Mr. Camacho looks mestizo himself.

According to the TIME article. Bolivia was a Catholic majority country whose government included the Church before the regimes of Evo Morales, who altered the Constitution to evoke a secular state.

The problem with actions like swearing on a Bible is…? Returning Bolivia :bolivia: to its pre Morales traditions is problematic because…?

Not a word about a fascist or fascism in either OP article.
This is a typical CanadianJudo OP.

Right wing Bolivia :rofl::joy::laughing:

Pretty much, yet another resounding crash, burn, and run from it.

Is that what the GSoros NGO’s are putting out?

The Nation builders/destroyers are hard at work I see.

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