FACEBOOK FAIL: Social Media Boss APOLOGIZES to Diamond & Silk Over Censorship

Originally published at: https://www.hannity.com/media-room/facebook-fail-social-media-boss-apologizes-to-diamond-silk-over-censorship/

A high-ranking Facebook executive issued an official apology to pro-Trump duo Diamond and Silk Tuesday, admitting the social media giant “mistreated” and “badly mishandled” the conservative twosome.

According to the NY Post, Global Policy Management Chief Monika Bickert admitted the mistake while speaking before the House Judiciary Committee.

“We badly mishandled our communications with them,” she told Congressional leaders.

Diamond and Silk were thrust into the national headlines earlier this year after their pro-Trump content was suddenly removed from Facebook.

The social network claimed their comments posed a threat “to the community.”

The women appeared before a Congressional committee weeks later; slamming the media giant for censoring their opinion and violating their First Amendment rights.

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