Executive orders and student debt and everything else with EO abuse

So I just saw where six billion dollars have already been paid out to people from the EO to transfer wealth to students. If the courts come back and they likely will say that the EO was unconstitutional which it is. What happens to the money already paid out? Do they have to give it back since it was unconstitutional or are the taxpayers just on the hook for this ploy for midterm votes in which Pelosi herself said only congress can authorize student loan forgiveness.

If I was president would there be any penalty for me if I just wrote out and executive order saying that I was going to forgive everyone’s mortgage? Are there any ramifications or limits to what can be declared by and EO as they seem to be just getting more brazen, and from what I can tell there is no negative to coming up with ignorant unconstitutional EO’s. Is is ground for impeachment or is the executive branch just that powerful making congress more or less and obsolete branch of government since they are the ones that supposed to be controlling the purse.


I admire the new found distaste for EOs. Really do

This was one of the things that people were yelling about during the bush admin. You give the executive an inch….

As a certain poster here likes to note - there is always going to be an escalation.

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Saddled back to the debtor. Oops.

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I feel pretty non partisan about EO’s they need to be reigned in, maybe that will make congress have to work together.


It’s not new found.

Re-calibrate your filters.

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For some it is for some it isn’t. The protestations tend to come when the opposite party is in power. By everyone.

I repeat:

Re-calibrate your filters.

You can repeat whatever you want. 75 percent of the president trump years in office are searchable on this very board. let me know what you find on right sides posters protesting executive orders.

You’re making the assertion. Let me know what you find.

Well actually both of us are. “It’s not new found”

I’ve been against the abuse of EOs since this board was created, and have participated in plenty of discussions about it through the years.

It’s not new found. Your filters need cleaning.


Who is on the hook for the 6 billion I am behind a paywall with wapo. Thanks in advance

I have been a vocal critic on them since DACA was signed, and Yes abused his authority as well, and now we just had the most expense EO in the history of the country. Wouldn’t it be better if the Executive Branch didn’t have the power to rule by their self? I know executive orders were meant to be used for frivolous issues by the president like renaming a state park, now they are basically doing the job of congress.

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I don’t disagree with any of it. The slippery slope was foreseeable. But i am not going to claim any prescience. I get as much wrong as i get right. Probably a lot more wrong. This one just felt off from the beginning.

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