EXCLUSIVE: See Hannity’s Photos from INSIDE Singapore Summit | Sean Hannity

President Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un made world history Monday evening; meeting face-to-face in Singapore to negotiate the complete denuclearization of the Korean peninsula and a host of other issues.

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Hi Sean, Sara and Dr Gorka! SO amazed at the work you are doing over there in Singapore. Love you guys!! (@VickyForDJT at Twitter)

So glad I’m old enough to have witnessed a few strong & Patriotic Presidents. JFK with the Cuban Missile crisis, Reagan with Gorbachev, & now our dedicated President Trump. He so genuinely wants to see a world of peace. He loves America, empathizes with citizens of other countries, and wants to create a safe world for his kids & grandkids as well. Praying for his continued success.

i listen to you as often as possible. you and your staff are true patriots. ive been listening to you the last couple days. i can hear in your speech that you are pretty tired when you start the show. technology is pretty incredible, the show comes in as clear as if you were in newyork. i am so proud of our president. and so disgusted with tv show scum