Example of Two Tier Justice

on Apr 22,2024 at about 5:30pm Sandra Doorly, the District Attorney in Rochester New York Was clocked at going 55mph in a 35mph zone. A Police Officer was behind her attempting to pull her over. He had his lights and siren on. She refused to stop. She continued to drive about a half mile to get to her house. She parks her car in her garage and attempts to go in her house. The police officer walks up her drive. She refuses to comply, and instead of talking or discussing the matter, she calls the Chief of Police who actually takes her call and her side. The officer doesnt back down. His supervisor and the Chief of Police all show up to the scene. The Body Cam footage was made available to the public and it has since went viral. Gov Hochul said she has reported the incident to the New York State Commission on Prosecutorial Conduct.

Now she is all sorry and apologetic.

A local group is trying to claim White Privilege. I dont see this happening because she is white. I see it because she is the DA. There is definitely a two tier justice system in this country. Had that been me, I would have been lucky to to have been shot, and spent the night in jail.
Her and the Police Cheif should be fired.


That is an example of assumed office holder privilege. She let her ego write a check that the bodycam footage isn’t going to let her office cover.



Lib, authority privilege.


She been a democrat all her life.

Who is DA Sandra Doorley?

Sandra Doorley is the district attorney of Monroe County in New York.

She assumed office in 2012 after being elected in 2011 and became the first woman to serve as DA in Monroe County.

Doorley was reelected in 2015, 2019, and 2023 to her second, third, and fourth terms.

While originally elected as a Democrat, she changed her party affiliation to Republican in 2015.

I have no doubt she switched parties out of political expediency.


She’s been a Republican for almost ten years, including when she exercised her “lib, authority privilege.”

By very nature of lib mentality is authoritative. Libs are not liberal…they’re authoritarians.



In Monroe County?

Aside from NYC itself, Monroe County is probably the deepest blue county in NY.

Your blind partisanship is showing. Politicians and elected officials of both parties are authoritarian.

I would also argue that, with the notable exceptions of the “progressive DAs” that you guys always whine about like Chesa Boudin and Larry Krasner, the position of District Attorney is inherently conservative.

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Yes that is true…but one can’t change party and become “conservative/liberal”. That’s like boy/girl changing sex. You can’t.


I saw the video of her speaking with the police officer in her garage after not stopping. Her sense of privilege and her attitude are completely unacceptable for a public servant and I’m not really interested in any self serving apologies after the fact when she realizes how bad she looks.


The term Authoritarianism is being diluted by using to describe far too many people.

Examples of Authoritarians: Putin, Xi, Orban, Kim Jong Un, Stalin, Mussolini…

Let’s keep perspective please.

Authoritarianism is a political system characterized by the rejection of democracy, civil liberties, and political plurality. It involves the use of strong central power to preserve the political status quo, and reductions in the rule of law, separation of powers, and democratic voting.

Political ideology is inborn and determined by God.

It looks like I used the term accurately to describe many US politicians on both sides.

Maybe this discussion isn’t for you.

There are three kinds of people out there…one that wants to be part of ruling class, those that need to be ruled over and than there are people that want no part of either.

There are 10 types of people actually.

Those who understand binary and those who don’t.



And than you have those with little or no morals…

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