Exactly what type of immigration laws/policies do today’s Democrat’s believe in?

Many here argue that Democrats don’t believe in having open borders, but the fact is that when you listen to today’s Democrat politicians they advocate things like: decriminalizing illegal immigration, abolishing ICE, not building any more border wall, tearing down existing border wall, free health insurance for illegal immigrants, drivers licenses for illegal immigrants, etc. Also how many Democrats believe that any of the people currently here illegally should be deported? How many Democrats are in favor of changing our ludicrous Asylum laws? Pretty much anyone who says two magic words – asylum seeker – can essentially walk into the country. So if that isn’t open borders exactly what is?

In so many of the discussions here on immigration people often make this following comment, “ they are just seeking a better life ” (ironically many current Americans are doing that as well). So if that is indeed how you see it, would you want an immigration system that makes that paramount? Should anyone who is just seeking a better life be granted citizenship? Let’s do some math. There are approximately 8 billion people in the world, approximately how many of them do you figure have a worse life than yourself? Go look at lists of the best countries to live in and you will notice that they all have generally small populations (most very small). In other words of those 8 billion people it’s quite likely 6-7 billion have lives worse off than your own. So for those who profess to be compassionate, I would love to know just how much compassion do you have? In other words how many of those 6-7 billion do you advocate taking in?

Economically and socially speaking how many of the world’s impoverished citizens can America absorb without experiencing catastrophic economic as well as social consequences? Would really love to see answers to these types of questions.


I might suggest that you look up the Democrat platform statement on immigration. It is the basis of what we support.

I find it to be quite vague with much of the language addressed to people who have been in country for a significant period of time. It clearly is not consistent with all of the rhetoric coming from many of current crop of Democrats running for president. Finally it in no way addresses the specific questions I raised.


The platform is about as useful as the republican one, look at who the Republicans elected he hardly fits the mold. The two front runners in the Democratic primary Sanders and Biden support vastly different things.

I think both parties are trying out what they are.

Bill de Blasio said on Wednesday at the Democrat candidate debate that if Americans are suffering and not enjoying the “American Dream” it is not the fault of immigrants, but “big corporations” and the “one percent.”

Democrats be like- What Laws?

We Make our own Laws! lol

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I wont sleep till everyone in America speaks Spanish

You dont want answers you want to hear what appeases you. You think that answer lies within a political candidate you might consider but the proof is in what is passed into law.

If one is considering just the current climate little of what Trump said he would do has been passed by legislation which means you are fine with action taken without such mandate.

Somehow I doubt I wont find you whining and complaining when the shoe is on the other fault.


Well DUH, that’s what congress’s job is.

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So we should just ignore what current democratic Presidential candidates say regarding immigration and only pay attention to what they manage to get past Republican opposition and passed into law? Isn’t that convenient.


Your pols clearly favor open borders. It would destroy the country but they don’t seem to care.


One of the social consequences, which is already happening, is that there will be more and more pockets of the country that don’t speak English. That will just get worse under this quasi open borders situation.

Let’s give them an escort through America until they are safely in Canada.


So far just silence on the questions I raised.


Since that’s what Mexico has been doing with us, heck why not do that with Canada? They are part of North America.


Hell, they all raised their hands when asked if they wanted to decriminalize crossing the border illegally.

Why bother with a border?


That’s right. :+1:


I liked the Freudian slip of the moderator last night, whoever the hell he was.

“The Obama administration deported 3 million AMERICANS.”

I’m glad I wasn’t deported during that time.

Follow the Mexico model?

Sounds reasonable to me if so-called sanctuary zones refuse to honor their brand.


Sounds good to me.